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Advanced Canoe Expedition in Sweden 2018

Taking bookings now for August 2018, please register your interest early.
Alternatively, if you are a group we can organise an expedition for you to suit your diary.

At Canoe Cornwall we offer annual advanced canoe expeditions to the mighty Harken River in Sweden. On your 6 night expedition you will get dropped off at a remote mountainous location deep in Sweden and then journey on open water, heading South, just 100 miles short of the Arctic Circle. You'll then travel 90 km along the Harken over the next 6 days where you will finally be met by landrover and taken home in comfort. Of course we will guide you all the way.

Watch the video for a taster


Is it a guided trip?

With your resident Swedish guide (Johan) and veteran canoeist (Jay) we will get you from one end to the other in one piece and with a smile from ear to ear. Yes there will be stories and mini-epics but that's why you're coming isn't it?

You will see Elk, Moose, Bears, Beavers, Osprey and Fish galore. Battle the flow of fast running water, eat what you catch and camp wild on the shores of the river. Meals are cooked the traditional bushcraft way of open fires and barbeques. Survival skills will be taught as we go and you will come back with memories to last a lifetime. Experience something that you just can't get anywhere else.

Next Expedition August 2018

The next expedition is planned for August 2018 and costs £995. Included in the cost are transfers from Åre Airport, all your food, boats, safety equipment and cooking of your meals. Although your meals will be prepared and cooked for you we do find that many people want to participate in this element as part of the experience. All you have to do is to pack as if you were going hiking, and perhaps your favourite paddle.


We can provide all the transport advice you need, it's as easy as getting on a plane. First thing to do is let us know that you want to come and we can explain how the journey takes place.

More details contact us.