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Bushcraft Shop

Here you can shop for and buy bush craft equipment. We are approved stockists of the latest bushcraft utilities from Swedish. Our shop catalogue includes all the basic bushcraft tools needed to survive in the wild from fire lighting (firestrikers) tools, to bushcraft knives (wilderness knife) and axes (forest and hunting axes).

We use Paypal to ensure your online security and do not retain any of your personal credit details other than your name and address to record the transaction. To comply with UK law this also ensures that you are over 18 years old if your item is a bushcraft knife or axe. All items are sent via first class mail and will take approximately 3 - 5 days to arrive. Happy shopping from the Canoe Cornwall team.

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Firestriker with curly birch handle.

Description:   Firestriker with curly birch handle.
Army size with curly birch handle.
Cost:   £ 15.95

Karesuando, Boar Knife

Description:   Karesuando, Boar Knife
10cm stainless 12c27 steel with curly birch handle and a leather sheath.
This knife has been made in the traditional lappish design using only the highest quality materials.
It is the perfect allround outdoor knife, from bushcraft to fishing.
Buyers must be 18 or over.
Cost:   £ 56.00

Karesuando knife making kit

Description:   Karesuando knife making kit
This kit contains all you need to design and craft your own knife.
Incl 9.5cm stainless 12c27 steel (drop point), leather for the sheath, leather belt strap, inner sheath,
curly birch block for the handle, antler for handle, string for stiching the sheath. instructions. �33.00 + p&p
Cost:   £ 45.95

Wilmas firelighting kit

Description:   Wilmas firelighting kit
This is a traditional firelighting kit containing Steel striker, flint, amadou tinder, fatwood, dry grass and instructions.
Cost:   £ 30.00

Reindeer Leather Pouch Kit

Description:   Make your own reindeer leather pouch.
All you need to make your own leather pouch size 23*10*6.5cm. �14 + p&p
Cost:   £ 16.95

Hultfors Forest/hunting Axe

Description:   Hultfors Forest/hunting axe
This is a handforged axe made in he north of Sweden. With proper care it could last for generations.
It is made from quality steel hardened to 58-59HRC. The head weighs 0.85 kg with a rounded poll
for skinning large game and the handle is made from oiled Hickory heartwood. Comes with a leather sheath.
Buyers must be 18 or over.
Cost:   £ 65.00

Frontier Stove

Description:   The Frontier was originally designed for deployment with humanitarian aid agencies to disaster areas. As a lightweight (10.15 kgs), portable stove/cooker it was ideal in these situations. It was launched to the general public in October 2010 and as many campsites state no open fires the Frontier fills a large gap in the market. We developed the flashing kit for retrofitting the Frontier into canvas shelters which means the Frontier can now be brought inside, extending the camping season into the cooler months. The Frontier produces 2-2.5 kw of heat and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach maximum temperature from cold. (Price includes P&P)

Please note that the stainless steel pots and pans are for display purposes only and are not included in the sale.
Cost:   £ 150.00

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