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Annual Litter pick on the River Fal

A big thank you to all those who attended our fun and rewarding canoe day picking rubbish from the banks of the Fal, and to all those unrecognised others who do this every time they go out.

Litter-pick by canoe on the Fal

Of course our once a year Fal litter pick isn’t enough to keep the pristine environment of the River Fal free from rubbish. Our aim however is to win the hearts and minds of other water users and visitors to not let that crisp bag fall out of the pocket or drinks can to float away with the tide.


Spear-throwing the bushcraft way

Our latest activity ‘Spear-throwing’ will be unveiled at the Port Eliot festival in July. Below you can see the specially made spear heads made by the very talented @studiogimli. They’ve fashioned the first batch of spearheads to compliment the axe throwing sessions @porteliotfestival this year.

He has created some superb arrow heads in the past but these are truely wonderful! Can’t wait to attach some Ash to these and give them a go! Thanks Daniel! #spear #blacksmith #ancientweapons

And of course no spear head at Canoe Cornwall is complete without an Ash stave. Below is our first hand-whittled stave that will again feature at the Port Eliot festival, alongside axe-throwing and archery.

Spring morning on the River Fal

As I stepped down to the river today, It had that special feel of a Spring day. This is the part of Spring that you can only feel in the early morning. There was a brightness regardless of the overcast sky, a warmth even though it was only 10 degrees and a stillness that can only come with a breath of wind in the air. Yes, to all of us on the River Fal this morning, Spring had finally arrived.


Waking up by the River Fal

A glorious spring morning on the River Fal. Fresh from an overnight bushcraft camp and breakfast cooked over an open fire.

Breakfast over an open fire

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy are just off for their 2-star canoe assessment. Their lead instructor isn’t half-bad though. Good luck team.

@beargryllssurvivalacademy lead instructor Norts making canoeing look easy! #beargrylls #canoeing

Gepostet von Canoe Cornwall am Sonntag, 31. März 2019


Seal’s about on the Fal

You’ll always know there are fish about when you see a seal appear from beneath your canoe. Here he is again on my favourite fishing ground. The only thing is that you also know that the fish won’t be interested in your bait when they know that there are bigger things to deal with. Still I’d rather be out here with Mr. Seal and catch nothing…

We have company!

Gepostet von Canoe Cornwall am Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

Memorable days at Port Elliot 2018

Port Elliot festival had its highlights, and here is a cherished one, shared to us from the Port Elliot website from our 2018. The creek on the Anthony House grounds is quite marvelous when the tide is in. Port Elliot 2018 Canoeing

The scorched banks amd people swimming serve as a reminder of what a wonderfully warm summer 2018 was. Thank you Lisa for sending this to us.