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Seal’s about on the Fal

You’ll always know there are fish about when you see a seal appear from beneath your canoe. Here he is again on my favourite fishing ground. The only thing is that you also know that the fish won’t be interested in your bait when they know that there are bigger things to deal with. Still I’d rather be out here with Mr. Seal and catch nothing…

We have company!

Gepostet von Canoe Cornwall am Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

Memorable days at Port Elliot 2018

Port Elliot festival had its highlights, and here is a cherished one, shared to us from the Port Elliot website from our 2018. The creek on the Anthony House grounds is quite marvelous when the tide is in. Port Elliot 2018 Canoeing

The scorched banks amd people swimming serve as a reminder of what a wonderfully warm summer 2018 was. Thank you Lisa for sending this to us.

Axe-throwing – our latest activity

What an adventure the Vikings were at the Port Elliot festival. Along with their Viking ways came Axe-throwing. It has to be the most satisfyng feeling in the world to see your axe spin through the air and embed into the solid Oak target board.

If you are interested in having a go, ask before booking your next Archery session and we can bring them along for a spin. If you have a party or stag/hen do coming up, get in touch about our mobile axe throwing activity.

The Vikings are in town for St Mewan summer camp

When St Mewan meet the Vikings on school camp. I didn’t have permission to show the kids reactions but you can certainly can hear them. Reserve your school camp for 2019!

When St Mewan meet the Vikings on school camp. I didn't have permission to show the kids reactions but you can certainly can hear them. Reserve your school camp for 2019!

Gepostet von Canoe Cornwall am Sonntag, 22. Juli 2018

Bushcraft advertising

Off to the Port Elliot festival again. This time I’m going to advertise properly, except I didn’t get down to the printers in time. Who needs expensive advertising when you can DIY! Lol. Should of paid more attention in art classes!Advertsing Art

Pill Farm Summer Camp 2018 – Now open

It’s always hard work, setting up the Trelissick Summer Camp but the pleasure comes from picturing the ever lasting memories that will remain with the students who stay at the camp.

Trelissick gardens Pill Farm is a gem of a place to visit, when combined with adventure, the midnight stars and the excitement of torch light games, it becomes a magical place full of wonder.

To book our Pill Farm summer camp, visit the Pill Farm page and read all about it.

Latest feedback on our bushcraft course

It’s always lovely to hear what people are saying about you….here is the feedback from our last three bushcraft courses:

  • ‘I really enjoyed the whole day. Building shelters and lighting fires was fun’
  • ‘Really enjoyed the course and bushcraft but would have liked it to have been longer’
  • ‘The bushcraft was amazing, would love to do it again, this course has been a stepping stone in helping me to rebuild my life’
  • ‘The bushcraft was very enjoyable and lot’s of fun. For the first time in a long time I felt like a person and not only a mother’
  • ‘The bushcraft day was fantastic. I loved being outdoors , loved building shelters and firelighting. I was out of my comfort zone but made to feel at ease. Loved it. Thank you so much Maisie and Jay.’
  • ‘Bushcraft was a fantastic experience. Jay was passionate which was passed onto the group.’
  • ‘The bushcraft day was brilliant, funny, knowledgeable, stepped out of my comfort zone. Amazing day! Thanks to Maisie and Jay’
  • ‘I got to overcome some guilt and felt a sense of security because I was made to feel very comfortable. If it wasn’t for the help of childcare I wouldn’t have been able to come. The den building helped me to enjoy life again. This course has given me a new lease of life!’
  • ‘Was concerned at first that I wouldn’t fit in with the group. I had fun and a great laugh and would definitely do it all again. Very positive experience.’
  • ‘The energy and smiles that they came back with after their Bushcraft session was wonderful to see and made the refuge team quite envious.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed it, it was a good group and fun’
  • ‘Enjoyed the whole day, loads of fun and loads of laughs…did not enjoy the water soaking though’
  • ‘Had a great day, something I’m definitely interested in doing again’

Thank you to everyone. Placed here for all to enjoy.