Latest feedback on our bushcraft course

It’s always lovely to hear what people are saying about you….here is the feedback from our last three bushcraft courses:

  • ‘I really enjoyed the whole day. Building shelters and lighting fires was fun’
  • ‘Really enjoyed the course and bushcraft but would have liked it to have been longer’
  • ‘The bushcraft was amazing, would love to do it again, this course has been a stepping stone in helping me to rebuild my life’
  • ‘The bushcraft was very enjoyable and lot’s of fun. For the first time in a long time I felt like a person and not only a mother’
  • ‘The bushcraft day was fantastic. I loved being outdoors , loved building shelters and firelighting. I was out of my comfort zone but made to feel at ease. Loved it. Thank you so much Maisie and Jay.’
  • ‘Bushcraft was a fantastic experience. Jay was passionate which was passed onto the group.’
  • ‘The bushcraft day was brilliant, funny, knowledgeable, stepped out of my comfort zone. Amazing day! Thanks to Maisie and Jay’
  • ‘I got to overcome some guilt and felt a sense of security because I was made to feel very comfortable. If it wasn’t for the help of childcare I wouldn’t have been able to come. The den building helped me to enjoy life again. This course has given me a new lease of life!’
  • ‘Was concerned at first that I wouldn’t fit in with the group. I had fun and a great laugh and would definitely do it all again. Very positive experience.’
  • ‘The energy and smiles that they came back with after their Bushcraft session was wonderful to see and made the refuge team quite envious.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed it, it was a good group and fun’
  • ‘Enjoyed the whole day, loads of fun and loads of laughs…did not enjoy the water soaking though’
  • ‘Had a great day, something I’m definitely interested in doing again’

Thank you to everyone. Placed here for all to enjoy.