Testimonials from our latest ladies-only bushcraft session

Bluebells and sunlight through the canopy
Bluebells and sunlight through the canopy

The beauty of the woods in early May is always a pleasure to behold. Bluebells and sunlight through the canopy make for a calming surreal experience.

In this wonderful setting, we had the pleasure of working with a talented group of women today on a ladies-only bushcraft session. They brought so much life experience and laughter to the woods. What a fab group! The ladies gave some wonderful feedback which deserves to be shared as a reflection of what a difference a change of environment will do. We appreciate your words, thank you.

  • Bushcraft day yesterday was fantastic,. Loved being outdoors, loved building shelters and fire. I was out of my comfort zone but made to feel at ease and comfortable. Loved it. 🙂 Thank you so much Jay and Maisie’
  • ‘The den building helped me to enjoy life again. Gave me a new lease of life’
  • ‘Brilliant, funny, knowledgeable, stepped out of my comfort zone. Amazing day. Thanks to Maisie and Jay. Thank you.’
  • ‘Fantastic experience. Jay was passionate which was passed onto the group. It went so quickly, I would have liked to have stayed longer and perhaps included cooking over the fire.’
  • ‘I was concerned at first that I wouldn’t fit in with the group, but I had fun and a great laugh and I would definitely do it again. Very positive.’